Manna Backpack
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"Growing up in Eritrea, we did not have opportunities. We chose between life and death. I was not given a chance to discover who I was. I was not educated. I just know that my purpose is to live for others. I want to give children the chance I never had. In Ethiopia, we never had backpacks nor school supplies. Our organization not only aims to give children backpacks and school supplies but also lay the foundation to be educated."

- Saba Tewolde, Spokesperson Manna Backpack & Ethiopian Quality Time Dinner

Manna Backpack

It all started a decade ago when…

Taste of Hope was founded in Santa Barbara, California. Saba Tewolde, an Eritrean refugee decided to lead in service to help her people. Dissatisfied with her monthly sponsorships coming from her salary, she decided to build her own foundation for the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Through Taste of Hope, Saba and her team were able to help disabled people, women, and orphans by giving them skills training (in hairdressing, weaving, and embroidery), micro-enterprises (selling goods such as injera and fresh eggs), micro-loan funding, and sending students to trade schools. 


Now, we are taking the foundation to a new direction...

Manna Backpack aims to send as many children to school with the proper tools to learn. In Eritrea and  Ethiopia, children walk many miles to attend school while holding their books and notebooks with their hands, or carrying them in bags made from scraps of their mothers' dresses. Some children go to school without supplies because of lack of money. In order to enhance their academic experience, we want to send as many backpacks as we can for the children of Ethiopia and refugee children of Eritrea in the camp. These bags, will then be filled with notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters, and $50 stipends to support their families


THROUGH OUR PAST CAMPAIGNS, we have empowered orphans, HIV single moms, widows, and the disabled.


Hope Community Services

Our organization has helped orphans, widows, and the poor  by building the Hope Community Center. It has room for 75 orphans and has a self-sustaining compound with fruit trees, and gardens.



Sponsoring Eritreans and Ethiopians families

Through recurring sponsorships, we are able to provide Eritrean families financial support for their daily meals, housing needs, and tuition fees.